Ongoing Monitoring

There are four main actions that you perform when using the Monitor-API.

  1. Creating, updating, and deleting monitor subjects

    When creating a monitor subject, ProviderTrust has two types of monitor subjects - individuals and organizations. To perform our best-in-class monitoring and verifications, it is important to understand that each type is searched with specific methods to return an exact match to your organization.

    While we can begin monitoring with a name only, it is best to provide ProviderTrust with as many identifiers as possible (NPI, SSN, TIN, etc.) so that we can return exact matches to your organization.

  2. Creating, updating, and deleting licenses for the monitor subjects

  3. Creating, updating, and deleting artifacts for the monitor subjects

  4. Creating, updating, and ending continuous query for NPDB

  5. Retrieving alerts

Lists to search

  • Federal & State Exclusions
  • Enabled Sources
    • OFAC
    • Medicare Opt-Out
    • DOJ
    • FDA Debarment
    • ORI
    • (Others upon request)
  • NPI Validation
  • License Verification
  • Board Certification Verification
  • NPDB