Instant Results and Ongoing Monitoring

If you would like to instantly search and then place into ongoing monitoring without processing the result do not use the InstantSearch-API. Use the /enroll endpoint in the Monitor-API.

With the /enroll endpoint, you are able to

  • Conduct an instant search and immediately place the monitor subject into ongoing monitoring
  • Associate a previously conducted instant search (if an "externalID" was used) to a provider you’d like to place into ongoing monitoring.

Why is this important?

In our client's business processes, they need to know instantly the provider eligibility and need to monitor the provider for a period of time following the instant check. With the /enroll endpoint, ProviderTrust enables that business process to happen seamlessly.

Lists to search

  • Federal & State Exclusions
  • Enabled Sources
    • OFAC
    • Medicare Opt-Out
    • CMS Preclusion List
    • DOJ
    • FDA Debarment
    • ORI
    • (Others upon request)
  • NPI Validation

After enrolling the subject in ongoing monitoring, these methods can be associated with the subject.

  • License Verification (includes Board Certification Verification)
  • NPDB