License Methods


When creating a license, you will add it to the monitor subject by providing the monitoredSubjectID in the path.

ProviderTrust’s license verification product contains specific issuer and type values. Depending on what issuer and type values you send ProviderTrust, your client success manager may need to map your values to our values (e.g., MD to Medical Doctor or TN to Tennessee). It is our intention to map your license issuer and type values during implementation.

If after implementation you send ProviderTrust license issuer and type values and receive a “monitored” status of false; reach out to your client success manager.

  "licenseType": "Medical Doctor",
  "licenseIssuer": "Tennessee",
  "licenseNumber": "1234",
  "licenseIssued": "2011-09-01",
  "licenseExpiration": "2023-12-31",
  "endDate": "2024-05-01",
  "specialty": "string",
  "description": "string",
  "isMainLicense": boolean

Data Explanation

licenseIssuedDate (yyyy-mm-dd); optional
licenseExpirationDate (yyyy-mm-dd); optional

API Reference: Create a License for a Subject


When updating the license information, you will provide the monitorSubjectID and the licenseID in the path. If you update a license, ProviderTrust will perform a new verification. If you change the issuer or type (e.g., TN to Tennessee), ProviderTrust will maintain the license.

API Reference: Update a License for a Subject


To get all licenses and license statuses for a monitor-subject, provide a monitorSubjectID. In the response you will see both the client provided license objects and the ProviderTrust verified object values.

If the “monitored” field = false and the mappedLicenseType or mappedLicenseIssuer is null, then we were unable to map your license issuer, type, or both to our system. Please contact your client success manager so that they can map the license to our verification system.

API Reference: Get all Licenses for a Subject


When deleting the license information, you will provide the monitorSubjectID and the licenseID.

API Reference: Delete a License for a Subject