Enroll & Update Monitor Subject


 "externalId": "A unique identifier",
 "type": "individual",
 "firstName": "",
 "lastName": "",
 "middleName": null,
 "dob": "1990-01-01",
 "npi": "",
 "ssn": "",
 "tin": "",
 "specialties": [
 "taxonomies": [
 "addresses": [
           "addressType": "Personal",
           "name": "ProviderTrust",
           "addressLine1": "406 11th Ave North",
           "addressLine2": "Suite 250",
           "city": "Nashville",
           "state": "TN",
           "zip": "37203",
           "county": "Davidson",
           "country": "USA"
 "endDate": "2021-08-13",
 "lastInteractionDate": "2021-08-13",
 "monitorProducts": null

Data Explanation

externalIDstring (uuid); An optional tag used to identify the subject across monitoring.
typeString; individual or organization
firstNameString; required for individual
lastNameString; required for individual
nameString (business/organization name); required for organization
npiInteger (10-digits)
dobDate (yyyy-mm-dd); optional
ssnInteger (9-digits, no hyphens); optional
tinInteger (9-digits, no hyphens); optional
specialtiesstring, use as an array; optional
taxonomiesstring, use as an array; optional
addressesstring, can have multiple addresses as an array; optional
endDateDate (yyyy-mm-dd); optional. On this date, the subject will be removed from monitoring. An update with this field as null and daysToAutoTerm as null or absent will remove the endDate
lastInteractionDateDate (yyyy-mm-dd); optional. If unset, will default to the current day. Used in combination with daysToAutoTerm to auto-calculate endDate

Query Parameters

     integer (min 1; max 1827); optional. If set, endDate will automatically be calculated as 'lastInteractionDate + daysToAutoTerm days'

For a POST, 'monitorProducts: null' will assign the subject the client designated monitor products. For a PUT, the subject’s monitorProduct field must be populated or the subject will have its monitorProducts removed. To create a subject with no monitorProducts or monitoring, use monitorProducts: [] in the POST.

  1. If using all fields, *replace “ “ with null or remove unused json properties
  2. One requirement, you must have Instant-Searchable data on the subject before enrolling into ongoing monitoring (NPI for Exclusions, OFAC, NPPES, Medicare OptOut and/or SSN for SSDMF). Any alerts created by instant search are available from the alerts endpoints:
    /monitor/alerts for a filterable search of all Alerts
    /monitor/monitored-subjects/{subject-id}/alerts for a specific Monitored Subject’s Alerts

API Reference: Enroll a new Monitored Subject in Instant-to-Ongoing


You can update the monitor subject by providing the monitorSubjectID. To stop monitoring a subject and keep the historical monitoring record you must update the subject by removing a monitor product(s). Deleting the subject will remove them completely from the system.

Note: A new instant search will only be performed if you update the NPI or SSN for these monitor products (NPI for Exclusions, OFAC, NPPES, Medicare OptOut and/or SSN for SSDMF).

API Reference: Enroll an existing Monitored Subject in Instant-to-Ongoing