NPDB Methods


When enrolling into NPDB continuous query, you will add it to the monitor subject by providing the monitoredSubjectID in the path.

ProviderTrust’s NPDB integration requires specific data.

  • The monitor subject must have a "work or business" address.
  • The monitor subject must have an associated primary license.

With each enrollment, you must send gender (M, F, or U) and organization name. If sending professional school, you must also send graduation year.

If after you attempt to enroll into NPDB continuous query, you do not receive an enroll date/time; reach out to your client success manager.

  "gender": "F",
  "suffixName": "Jr",
  "organizationName": "string",
  "itin": "123456789",
  "fein": "123456789",
  "dea": "AZ1234567",
  "upin": "AZ12345",
  "professionalSchool": "string",
  "graduationYear": 2000,
  "dbidEntities": [
      "entityName": "string",
      "dbid": "123456789012345",
      "endDate": "2023-12-31",
      "eft": boolean

Data Explanation

suffixNameString; optional
genderString (M, F, or U)
itinString, 9 digits; optional
feinString, 9 digits; optional
deaString, letter+7digits
upinString, letter+5digits
professionalSchoolString; optional
graduationYearDate (yyyy-mm-dd); optional
endDateDate (yyyy-mm-dd); optional
dbidEntitiesThe object includes entity name, dbid, endDate
entityNamestring; optional
dbidstring, 15 digits; required if client has more than 1 dbid they wish you to enroll the subject
endDateDate (yyyy-mm-dd); optional
nonEnrollBoolean (T, F)

API Reference: Enroll into NPDB Continuous Query


When updating the NPDB continuous query enrollment, you can only update 3 JSON data fields simultaneously. If you want to end NPDB continuous query, add an end date.

API Reference: Update NPDB Continuous Query Enrollment


When deleting an NPDB continuous query enrollment, you remove the enrollment from the monitored subject, but you do not delete the enrollment from NPDB. It is not advised to use this method if the subject remains in monitoring and verification with ProviderTrust.

API Reference: Delete NPDB Continuous Query Enrollment connection with ProviderTrust monitoring


To find a subject in NPDB continuous query, provide a monitorSubjectID. In the response, you will see the client-provided NPDB values.

API Reference: Get NPDB Continuous Query data for a Subject

POST Search

		"desc": boolen,   
	  "page": 0,
    "size": 30,
  	"sortBy": "string", 
    "filter": "",
  	"organizationName": "MEDICAL",
  	"includeTrashed": boolean,
descboolean; optional (default false)
pagenumber; optional (default 0)
sizenumber; optional (default 30; max 1000)
sortBystring (enum); optional; Must be one of "ORGANIZATION_NAME" or "CERTIFICATION_TITLE"
filterString; optional
organizationNameString; optional
includeTrashedBoolean; optional

Page Fields

  • desc: true if the sortBy is applied in descending order, false if it is applied in ascending order
  • page: Which ordered group of "size" results should be returned. The first page of results is page: 0. You can get all of the returned Monitored-Subjects for a search by making multiple POSTs, incrementing page until (page+1)*size >= total, where page and size are your request-body parameters and total is the value from the response.
  • size: The maximum number of Monitored-Subjects to return in the response, ie the size of a page
  • sortBy: How to sort the results. Default sort order is by Monitored-Subjects ID

Filter Fields

  • filter: Filter Monitored-Subjects by the Monitored-Subjects’ Names, NPIs, and TINs. Partial/substring matches will return. This filter is applied to all 3 fields.
  • organizationName: Filter by a specific organizationName.
  • includeTrashed: This filter is a boolean to include deleted subjects.

API Reference: Get all subjects with NPDB Continuous Query

POST Create NPDB DBID Entity

This action would associate a subject with an NPDB dbid if an association were not created when the subject was enrolled into NPDB.

  "entityName": "string",
  "dbid": "string",
  "endDate": "2023-07-18",
  "enrolledDate": "2023-07-18T17:18:24.455Z",
  "subjectId": 0,
  "dataBankSubjectId": 0,
  "dcn": 0
entityNameString; optional
dbidString, 15 digits
endDateDate (yyyy-mm-dd); optional
enrolledDateDate (yyyy-mm-ddTime(UTC)); optional
subjectIdInteger; optional

API Reference: Create NPDB DBID Association