Client Set up

ProviderTrust will

  1. Create your client so that you can monitor your population in the ProviderTrust app through our services.
  2. Turn on your monitor product(s).
    1. Exclusions (Federal and State)
    2. CMS Preclusion List
    3. NPI Validation
    4. OFAC
    5. Medicare Opt Out
    6. Social Security Death Master File (SSDMF)
    7. Other Lists
    8. License Verifications
    9. NPDB
  3. Create a client admin user.
    1. You will need to give ProviderTrust an email to create this account.
  4. Create License Issuer & Type mappings to our system if utilizing or license verification product.
    1. Our implementation team will work with you before beginning monitoring to map your license issuers and license types to our internal system so that we can monitor your licenses with the correct board agencies.
  5. Turn on search services.
    1. Instant only
    2. Instant to Ongoing
    3. Ongoing only